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        Taptone 550 Inspection Platform – Utilizing advanced Digital Signal Processing (DSP) Techniques. The T550 is designed to incorporate up to three inspection options for leak Detection and fill level inspection on plastic, glass, aluminium, and steel containers at production line speeds up to 2,000 containers per minute. The primary inspection sensors include; acoustic technology for leak detection on metal closures without lid deflection; proximity or laser technology for leak detection on containers; and x-ray technology for fill level incorporate up to seven optional inputs for cocked cap, missing cap, missing label, and missing tamper band inspection.

        Taptone 550检测平台 – 运用先进数字讯号处理(DSP)技术。 此T550被设计包含三种检测选项, 塑料瓶, 玻璃瓶, 铝罐及铁罐之测漏及液位检测, 生产线速度一分钟达2,000罐。 主要检测感知器包括声学技术用于金属盖无盖偏斜测漏检测, 近接或雷射技术用于容器测漏以及x光技术用于液位检测并包含凸盖, 缺盖, 缺标签以及缺安全环检测等7种输入选项。

        T-500-P is an on-line inspection system.for cans, bottles and jars with metal closures. The system is designed primarily for accurate detection of vacuum and pressure loss in rigid food and beverage containers. The T-500-P incorporates the latest technology in digital signal processing. The measurement principal is base on profiling the container closure using one of three sizes proximity sensor (application dependent). Changes in the curvature of the closure are directly related to loss in pressure or vacuum inside the container.

        T-550-P应用在有金属盖子的罐头, 瓶子, 广口瓶. 此系统主要可精确的检测坚硬的食品和饮料容器的真空或压力丧失. T-550-P采用新的数字信号处理技数. 检测原理系采用近接感知器量测容器轮廓. 容器的压力或真空丧失会直接反应在瓶盖的曲度变化上

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