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      According your info this inspection machine must keep up with max. 108.000 cph (20% higher than filler) and Can Inspector will fullfill these requirements.

      根据所提供数据, 此检测机速度设计在每小时70,000罐 (高于充填机20%), 且空罐检查机将达成这些需求。

      Due to damages occuring on the transport from the can manufacturer to the filling line, a fraction of the cans on the line are defective and might cause problems and line stops, mainly at the can filler and at the can sealing station. Stopping the line usually causes a number of problems:

      因为经由罐制造厂运送至充填线之间所造成之损坏, 在线罐子的碎片造成瑕疵并可能造成生产线停摆, 主要在于罐充填机及封罐位置。  生产线停止通常可能产生以下问题:

      1. Reduced efficiency


      2. Overfilling of cans. Overfilled cans which are not removed before reaching the sealing station tend to expand in the pasteurizer (if installed). As a result, the customer receives an inferior product.

      罐过度充填:  过度充填罐在到达封罐位置前无法移动易造成产生膨罐(如已安装)。  结果让客户得到次级品。

      3. Cans on a stopped transfer conveyor between the filler and the sealing machine may loose content by the expanding froth spilling out (this accounts mainly for beer filling lines). Consequently, the cans are under-filled when they reach the sealing station. Although these cans are usually rejected behind the sealing machine, they still cause a significant product loss.

      罐子在充填机及封罐机之间位在停止的转换输送带上时可能会因膨胀而溅出而使产品内容损失 (此主要为啤酒充填线的缘故)。 之后, 当其到达封罐位置时, 罐子为充填不足。 虽然这些罐子在封罐机后通常会被剔除, 仍会造成大量产品损失。

      4. Over-exposure to oxygen during a stop impairs the quality of the product if the cans are not removed.

      如果罐子无法移动, 在停止期间过度曝露于氧气将损害产品质量。

      To eliminate these problems, BBULL TECHNOLOGY provides a system that detects and removes damaged cans before they can reach the filler. Furthermore, the system detects objects inside the cans. This option is an important additional feature of the production and quality control system.

      为避免这些问题, BBULL TECHNOLOGY于产品到达充填机前提供了可检测并移除坏罐之系统。 此外, 该系统能检测出罐内之物体。  此选项为生产及品管系统中之一项重要额外的特性。

      Description of different defect types


      An analysis of the types of defects occurring on an in-field filling line showed that defects can be classed with two distinct groups:


      ? Defects at the upper sealing surface

      ? Defects in the side wall of the can

      ? 在上封盖表面的瑕疵

      ? 在罐头的侧壁里的瑕疵

      A sealing surface with an oval shape instead of a circular one (when looked at from the top), indicates a deformation of the can. Furthermore, the sealing surface might contain dents, another kind of defect that does not necessarily have an effect on the roundness of the can. Pictures 1 and 2 show such defects, found by cankon.

      如封罐表面为一椭圆形的形状焊接而不是圆形的 (从顶端看),则表示罐头变形。 而且,封罐表面可能包含凹痕, 此为另一种瑕疵不一定对罐头的圆度造成影响。 图1 及图 2显示出这些瑕疵,被cankon 检测出。

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